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Chapter 1
Welcome to Amateur
What is Amateur Radio?
• Amateur (or Ham) Radio is a personal radio service
authorized by
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
• To encourage the advancement of the art and
science of radio.
• To promote the development of an emergency
communication capability to assist communities
when needed.
• To develop a pool of trained radio operators.
• To promote international good will by connecting
private citizens in countries around the globe.
• Through ham radio, you will become an ambassador f
or your
community and your country.
What Do Hams Do?
• Communicate
• Participate
• Experiment
• Build
• Compete
• Serve their communities
• Life-long learning
What Makes Ham Radio Different?
• There are many unlicensed radio
services available.
• Ham radio is authorized:
• Fewer restrictions.
• More frequencies (channels or bands to
• More power (to improve range and quality).
• More ways to communicate.
• It’s free to operate your radio.